Sunscreen Roller Blinds

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Love the natural light but want to prioritise privacy as well? Sunscreen roller blinds are the perfect solution, offering the best of both worlds for your home.

Sunscreen blinds are the perfect option if you’re looking for something that allows the natural light to flow into your home, bringing a light and airy atmosphere, while providing optimal privacy and preventing UV radiation or glare from damaging your furniture and floors. Gone are the days of blinds or shutters that cover the outside world, our specially designed blinds bring an unobstructed solution to the market for homeowners.

We understand how harsh the Australian climate can be, which is why we take pride in our products that have been crafted to combat the heat and sunlight in all the right ways.

Browse our range of roller blinds Brisbane homeowners install within their homes, offering a stylish design and optimal privacy. Give us a call on 1300 321 413 today to discuss our blinds Brisbane wide or for general queries.

Features & Benefits

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds provide homeowners with complete light control for their homes while allowing them to still see the outdoors. Not only that, but they offer a well-lit appeal to your interior while keeping furniture and flooring safe from being bleached, lightened, or cracked from the sun. Australia’s climate can be quite harsh, but we’ve specially designed our products to ensure they’re durable and long lasting without compromising on style.

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What are sunscreen blinds?

Sunscreen blinds are a specific design of roller blinds that offer light control, temperature control, and optimal privacy for homeowners. These blinds are manufactured with a mesh type fabric that has been designed to prevent glare and UV radiation from coming into your home, causing damage to your furniture, flooring, and more.

Do sunscreen blinds last a long time?

These blinds are some of the most durable blinds against the Australian climate, being built with a premium brand of fabric to reinforce it’s construction. These blinds will last for years, making them an optimal solution for your home.

Can you see through sunscreen blinds at night?

If you have lights on during the evening in a room that has sunscreen roller blinds, the interior of your home will be visible from the outside – however, paired with blockout blinds, you will have optimal privacy during the evening and during the day when you want it.

Do sunscreen blinds insulate?

Sunscreen roller blinds are not a fully insulated solution for your home, however, pairing them with a roller blind that’s constructed using thicker, specific materials will give you absolute temperature and insulation control for your home.

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