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Polymer plantation shutters offer the perfect balance of serenity and natural light, creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere for your home.

At Cosmopolitan Shutters, you’ll be able to find the perfect plantation shutters to complement the interior of your home. Offering the look and feel of timber, these are one of the best solutions for adding a touch of luxe and modern style to any room. Our polymer shutters are made from a dense polymer, with each blade and frame offering an aluminium core for stability.

The benefit of using Cosmopolitan Shutters is that we own our shutter factory, meaning we manufacture your order and send it straight to your door at the most competitive prices across Australia. Not only that, but you’ll have a 20-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind and total confidence in our range of plantation shutters Brisbane homeowners love.

Looking for your own set of shutters? Book a free measure and quote with Cosmopolitan Shutters today if you’re ready to order plantation shutters for your home. See our window coverings Brisbane range on our website now.

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Features & Benefits

Polymer Plantation Shutters

Shutters give homeowners complete control over light filtering, and temperature control. With a simple tilt of the slats, you have indirect sunlight, giving the room a well-lit appeal, or the perfect amount of sunlight filtering through. When it comes to seasonal changes, you can retain the heat during winter by closing them or cooling down the inside of your home by keeping them open during the warmer months.

Polymer shutters offer the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality, tying any room together with its gentle presence while offering usefulness wherever they’re installed.

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Plantation Shutters FAQ's

What are polymer shutters?

Polymer shutters have the aesthetic appeal of wood without the common vulnerable points such as susceptibility to warping, twisting, and breaking. impervious to moisture, and able to retain colour far longer than its timber counterparts, polymer shutters are a cost effective and long-lasting window furnishing solution that easily fits into any style of home.

Do polymer shutters last a long time?

These shutters are one of the most durable types of shutters, as they’re built with a premium brand of synthetic material and reinforced with an aluminium core. You can expect to get at least 20 years out of your polymer shutters, which makes them considerably more durable than the timber options

Where can I use polymer plantation shutters?

Polymer shutters are suitable for any room in the home and is a particular favourite in areas with high levels of moisture. Unlike most blinds, curtains and some types of shutters, polymer shutters are resistant to water stains and mildew, or bits of oil and food. This makes them the perfect option for windows above kitchen sinks, as they can be easily wiped down with a cloth.

Are polymer shutters energy efficient?

Our shutters are an excellent option for keeping your home energy efficient, as the louvres create an airtight seal that stops heat from entering your home. In addition to trapping cool air, polymer shutters can also help with noise prevention by creating an extra barrier between your home and the outside world.

Are polymer shutters safe?

Good quality polymer shutters are considered very safe for your home and won’t emit any toxins when exposed to the sun. Cheap polymer shutters are typically made using low quality materials such as formaldehyde, which poses numerous health risks when heated. Be sure to only purchase polymer shutters from a reputable seller with a toxic free certification and product warranty.

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