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Panel glide blinds bring a new look to your interiors. The wide panels glide effortlessly across your window spaces, offering outstanding privacy when closed, and all the sunshine you want when open – and everything in between. With a contemporary, bespoke presentation, sliding panel blinds are a stylish and cost-effective way to cover large window walls and sliding doors. And they’re nearly maintenance-free thanks to their vertical design.

Cosmopolitan Shutters is the leader in innovative, decorative, and practical window covering solutions. We’ve been Brisbane’s first choice in shutters and blinds for many years. Contact us online to arrange a free measure and quote. Visit our showroom or call us on 1300 321 413 with your questions or to schedule our mobile showroom.

How Panel Glide Blinds Work

Sliding in tracks, similar to the way sliding doors operate, panel glides for windows can cover a large area of glass without taking up a great deal of space themselves. When open, they slide into a corner, the panels stacking neatly behind each other. When closed, they give continuous coverage across even very wide glass installations, ensuring excellent privacy.

When partly opened, they’ll admit just as much light and show you just as much of the outdoors as you want. Moving easily with a hand wand or optionally motor operated, sliding panel blinds have no chain to bind up or break, and they’re naturally child-safe. Because of how they move, they work very well with sliding doors, so you always have easy access to your outdoor spaces.

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We want to show you everything that great looking panel glide blinds can do for your interiors. We offer the best in window blinds. For all of our products, we source the best materials and the most advanced designs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to listen to your needs, present you with choices, answer your questions, and aid in your selection. We’re ready with a free measure and quote for your convenience, and we’ll come to you with our mobile showroom – call us on 1300 321 413 to set up a visit and for more information.

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