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We are experts with shutters and blinds and will be able to answer any question you have. We’ve noted some of the commons questions below.

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“Plantation Shutters” are a type of shutter that was designed and found in the Southern US during the 1800’s in the cotton growing areas. It refers to a frame which holds blades that could be tilted open or closed to control light and help guard against the weather. Originally used on houses externally, Plantation Shutters are now used internally as a superior window dressing to enhance any decor, whilst still maintaining their original use to help control light and help guard against heat and noise.

Basswood Shutters are made from 100% furniture grade timber. This is a light-weight hardwood has a strong grain that is even and the 5 coats of marine grade 2 part Polyurethane, will resist denting and marking, and is excellent for high traffic areas. Basswood shutters are capable of withstanding Australia’s harsh climate and are UV stabilized.

The cost of shutters can vary depending on the size and type of application that is best suited to your particular situation, just ask one of our friendly experienced team members and they will be help you with a costing for your unique situation. At Cosmopolitan Shutters, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised – we have Australia’s Most Affordable Shutter! All prices are GST and installation inclusive; there are no hidden costs – ever! When you place an order, we do require a 50 % deposit, and the balance is due when one of our friendly, experienced installers fit your shutters. See our on line quoting service for an indicative costing for window measurements.

Our Shutters are available in a full range of up to date fashion colours and stains. 

The term “aerofoil” is used to describe the profile of the blade that we use in our shutters. It is subtly curved like the wings on an aeroplane, to help with air flow and light distribution. They close together better and this means that they are able to give a far superior light block out. They also look better, with no harsh edges, and come in a range of sizes and tilt rod placements to suit any application.

Yes! Because our shutters have a unique aerofoil shape to the blades, they give very good closure; we are able to cover your windows to give very good light block out. They will block out over 90% available light when closed properly – perfect for shift workers or people who require a darkened room.

Yes! We are able to give you a fairly accurate cost if you provide us with a rough measurement, but because shutters require very accurate measurements, we have professionally trained consultants with over 50 years combined experience who will come to your home or office to happily measure your windows and help you to select the perfect style and colour combination at no extra cost. When it comes to installing your shutters, we don’t use subcontractors. All of our professionally trained installers are employed by us. Why? Subcontractors are paid on a per panel basis and don’t take the required amount of time that is sometimes needed. Our installers arrive on time, take the time to make sure that your shutters are fitted perfectly and leave the site in a clean and tidy manner.

We can manufacture shutters to your specifications; we recommend that you contact us so that one of our experienced team can help guide you through measuring your order.

From receipt of deposit to installation, the lead time is approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Because of the high quality of materials that we use, your shutters will require little maintenance, we do recommend regular dusting, although dust or dirt will not adversely affect the performance of your shutters, if your shutters do not respond to dusting, we recommend wiping them with a soft damp cloth with a mild soap. We are confident that our shutters will last a lifetime.

We offer: Quality – Our Thermoshield and Basswood Shutters are the most advanced and durable shutter in the market. Design – Our team of professionally trained dedicated consultants are more than happy to come to you in the comfort of your own home to help you with any design situation that you may have. Service – At Cosmopolitan Shutters, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best service possible. Price – Against other shutters on the market today, we feel that you will be at a distinct price advantage with Australia’s Most Affordable Shutter.

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