7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are a popular alternative to traditional blinds and curtains. As far as window coverings go, plantation shutters fit the definition of form and function. They look great and have many benefits. We’re going to cover some of those benefits for you today in this article.

7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Your Home

If you are considering new blinds, shutters, or curtains, you might want to seriously consider plantation shutters as your window coverings of choice. There are several advantages of plantation shutters, and some of the benefits of window shutters may surprise you. Here are our 7 benefits of plantation shutters.

1 – They look good

Plantation shutters are very attractive. They look great inside any room, and they also look the part from outside your home. Modern plantation shutters are a stylish update to this classic and timeless shutter design. Plantation shutters go well with any and ever decor. We think you’ll agree that plantation shutters could be a good match for your home.

2 – Good for privacy

Sometimes an ill-fitting set of blinds can leave a little gap near the window frame. Or a cheap set of curtains might not close perfectly leaving a little crack where the curtains meet for prying eyes to gaze into your home. That will never happen with our plantation shutters. All of our plantation shutters are custom made to the exact measurements of your windows. There is no way anyone can see in through closed plantation shutters.

3 – Blocks a lot of light

One of the benefits of window shutters is they block light – a lot of light! Our plantation shutters are made of a thick polymer material that light simply cannot pass through. When plantation shutters are completely closed, they are almost as effective at blocking out light as our blackout curtains. This makes plantation shutters perfect for bedrooms or home theatre rooms.

4 – Completely adjustable

Our plantation shutters are fully adjustable to let in just the right amount of light when you want it. You can tilt the slates to let in as much or a little outside light as you see fit. You can also swing open the shutters to let all the sunshine in. This is one of the advantages of plantation shutters that makes them difficult to beat.

5 – Additional insulation

Plantation shutters are thick, sometimes much thicker than other blinds or curtains. The thick material that makes up plantation shutters acts as a thermal barrier separating hot windows from the rest of a room. This will make any room cooler during the hotter months, and it will save you money on your electricity bill.

6 – Keeps sound out

Another one of the benefits of plantation shutters being made of such thick material is that they also block out a lot of sound. Many of our customers who have had plantation shutters installed in their home comment that they are surprised by how quiet their homes have become. Plantation shutters act to deaden outside noise, such as traffic and wind, making for a restful night of sleep and a peaceful day.

7 – Increase the value of your home

Plantation shutters can increase the value of your home, and sometimes this increase can be significant. If you think about all of the other benefits of plantation shutters, then it makes sense that they would improve the desirability of a home and increase its value. Don’t you think a home with plantation shutters is more appealing?

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