Louvreshield External Aluminium Shutters

Louvreshield External Shutters are made from reinforced extruded aluminium, and are available in a full range of powder-coated colours to meet Australian Standards. They are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Louvreshield  External Aluminium Shutters have been designed for such applications as: Rear Decks, Patios, Balcony’s, Court yards and wet areas, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Download our full product brochure.

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Louvreshield Shutters are Australia’s Most Affordable External Shutters

Our all weather Aluminium Aero-foil blades keep out the hot sun and rain, but allows you to control the air flow and light, while maintaining security and privacy from neighbours.

Louvreshield External Aluminium Shutters can span opening widths up to 1500mm wide – for a more open look, and have a unique shutter blade spline for added strength.

We can design this product with many fitting options – such as, Sliding, Bi-folding, Hinged, Fixed… the application for this product is endless!

Durability – Your Louvreshield Shutters will provide durability, and un-like timber and poly type products, they resist chipping, peeling, cracking, sagging, splitting, warping, and probably won’t require any painting for 20 years.

Louvreshield Aluminium Shutters are Australia’s Most Affordable External Shutters you can buy! It’s built for Australia’s harsh conditions – engineered to last – and offers very low maintenance.



WHITE, WHITE BIRCH, PRESTIGIOUS SILVER. Plus available in a full range of Dulux Powder Coat colours



Blade sizes



Fixed panels, Hinged, Bi-fold, multifolding and sliding.