Cosmopolitan Shutters

If you’re looking for window shutters Brisbane, then Cosmopolitan Shutters may just have the shutters that you need. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor shutters Brisbane, Cosmopolitan Shutters has a reputation for delivering Australia’s most affordable shutters and is a company you can rely on.

Your shutters serve a significant purpose in keeping your home or office a safe and comfortable place to live and spend time in. As such, it’s important that you procure only the best shutters for your home or business.

Outdoor Shutters Brisbane

We specialize in outdoor shutters with our external louvreshield aluminium shutters which do not only add aesthetics to your home; they also protect it from extreme weather conditions, such as storms and any sort of high wind activity. Since they are attached to your home’s exterior, you can close them over your windows in preparation for any sort of threatening weather.

Indoor Shutters Brisbane

If you are looking for indoor shutters you will have a choice of either our thermoshield shutters  which is made of a synthetic material and has the look and feel of wood and comes with a lifetime warranty or our basswood timber shutters which is made from 100% furniture grade basswood timber. Our internal shutter range ensures privacy and comfort in your home or office. Unlike draperies, indoor shutters enable you to control temperature in a room and also the amount of light you want to enter a room. Our timber shutters are made with strong but light-weight hardwood which resists denting and marking allowing for peace of mind. They can also come as solid panels which hinges open and close or they may come with horizontal slats that you can open and close.

Whichever type of shutter you need or prefer, you are sure to get the best Brisbane shutters from Cosmopolitan Shutters.